Cobra Well Testers
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Cobra Well Testers is a leader in providing safe and dependable high-pressure oil and gas well testing services to the industry. Since 1999 we have continuously met challenges in which high pressure, high volume flow rates and hazardous and/or abrasives may possibly be present. Safety, communication and commitment to customer satisfaction are values with Cobra Well Testers. Therefore our foremost business objectives are maintaining the safety and well-being of our employees and the public, meeting and exceeding all industry related environmental challenges, providing superior quality and economical service for our customers, and developing innovative technologies in the high-pressure oil and gas well testing field.

We believe that we have all the necessary equipment available at Cobra Well Testers to complete almost any job required by our customers. With our unmatched equipment quality and innovative processes we are able to provide almost limitless options as to how you, the customer, want to flow back the well. Many companies cannot provide this type of personalized service. We believe that testing the gas through our separators, removing fluids and solids from the stream, and selling the gas immediately is the most environmentally friendly, and cost efficient method for you, our customers, in addition to traditional flaring or venting of gas into the atmosphere.

With the knowledge and experience of our employees, our equipment, and the personalized relationship that we value with our customers we can provide many services such as; under-balanced drilling, drill stem testing, flow-back following fracs or perfs, traditional flow-back of the well, flaring, gas/fluids/solids filtration, etc.

We hope to hear from you concerning any work that you may have where we can provide our services to you. We are committed to earning your business through hard work and personalized customer service to you. Please contact us with any questions you may have.